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November 2020


In this newsletter, we are sharing updates on

  • Congratulations
  • Holiday Specials
  • Small Business Saturday
  • Giving Tuesday
  • The ARDUINO Classroom Update
  • Workshops


Congratulations to our Winners

Congratulations to DD Foster of Corpus Christi Texas. DD who won a free copy of our book, The ARDUINO Classroom: STEAM Edition for visiting our virtual booth at NSTA Engage 2020 conference. Click here to see what DD won.

We will have another drawing for the next virtual conference we attend. Watch our social media or website for detials.

Congratulations to Stacey Rudolph for being the first person to respond to our newsletter "Easter Egg." Stacey found the free sticker promotion and received a free set of our Future series stickers. Click here to see what Stacey won.

We will put an "Easter Egg" prize in our next newsletter.

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Holiday Specials

Check out our holiday specials through December 6, 2020. We have discounted pricing on our Starter Kit bundle and our Mini Kits.

We are also offering a special promotion on a kit, book, and training bundles


Small Business Saturday

As a small non-profit we are running holiday sales. Your purchases go directly to supporting our ability to provide free and discounted workshops and materials to schools and learners.

Giving Tuesday

Peter and Isabel from Gearbox Labs are asking for your help this year. Your support could be doubled through Facebook's Giving Tuesday program.

This year Facebook is pledging to match donations made to charities on Tuesday, December 1, 2020, through the Facebook platform. See this link for more information on Facebook's support. This year we are raising money for two of our programs.

Half of the donations on Giving Tuesday will go to our STEM scholarship program. Our first scholarship will be announced on #GivingTuesday. More information will be posted here The second half of your donations will go to providing educators with books, kits, and STEM experiences. Currently, we have three classrooms that have asked us to help their efforts and they would benefit from your immediate support.

Over the past year, Gearbox Labs has reached thousands of students and teachers around the world with our book, kits, face-to-face workshops, virtual workshops, and YouTube training videos. We have had worked with learners in their homes, schools, and universities in 23 states and 14 countries.

Please stop by our Facebook Page to donate on Tuesday.

The ARDUINO® Classroom: STEAM Edition

The curriculum features 25 base projects and extensions for 110 more. The projects build skills and knowledge in engineering, coding in C/C++, engineering design, and prototyping through scientific applications. Many of the projects can replace science labs found in biology, chemistry, and physics classrooms (for other implementation models click here).  

Written with easy to use, step-by-step instructions, and full-color photos and technical diagrams of each project, students and their teachers will find these projects, challenging, engaging, and built to foster innovation skills and stimulate creativity.

The projects are scaffolded from start to finish and is written for the classroom and learners who are just starting with Arduino®The projects in the book are an excellent preparatory sequence for high school robotics competitions.

Each project starts with a digital design and coding simulation then progresses to a physical design using the Arduino® UNO coded with the Arduino® IDE. Learners then are challenged to innovate and use the base skills they have acquired to build variations of the project that solve real-world issues.

Order your curriculum, kits, or workshops here.

Contact us if you have any questions here.

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Gearbox Labs Workshops


Watch our events calendar, store website, and social media for updates over the next few weeks. We are setting our 2021 calendar now and will be offering several free workshops in English and Spanish.

Free Project

Check out our latest free holiday project. We designed for you a singing motion-activated Christmas Tree. See it work on YouTube.

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